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We are delighted to share with all fellow graduates of Churchill Hall the 2018/19 issue of the Churchill Hall Association newsletter.

CHA The Churchillian 2018 -2019

This includes an article about last year’s very successful Dinner. Having experimented with holding a joint event with Wills Hall Association in 2017, we decided last year to revert to the more intimate surroundings of The Holmes – I hardly dare to say that it felt like coming Home (but it did)! We were delighted that year to host a group from Clifton Hill House, and have broadened that focus in 2019 to include Manor Hall and Badock. A booking form for this year’s event, on Saturday 20 July, is included in the newsletter. Please make a very special effort to attend – it should be lots of fun!

CHA The Churchillian 2017-2018

The Churchillian 2016-2017 – This newsletter includes an article about our 60th anniversary dinner

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