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Dear Reader,

I am delighted to be realeasing, to all those who have lived – and mostly loved their time – in Churchill Hall the CHA_The_Churchillian_Autumn_2019

We have decided to bring forward the publication of the newsletter because doing so will, we hope, make the period that it covers seem more immediate.

The newsletter includes an article about the very successful July 2019 CHA Dinner, held for the first time in the JCR and featuring a delightful speech from Professor Andrew Carr, the new Alumni Association Trustee on the University’s Board of Trustees. The earlier publication also makes possible a preliminary mention in the newsletter of next year’s Dinner. We encourage you most enthusiastically to begin your planning to attend – why not get a group together? The Alumni Relations team can help you with this!

As usual, the CHA Dinner forms part of the Alumni Reunion Weekend, so do make a proper outing of it and sign up to some of the other events that are being arranged.

Other articles in the newsletter mention ourwebsite and our regular request to Churchillians to share your expertise and experience by volunteering on the Committee and helping our activity. Email us at There’s also a fascinating article describing the history of The Holmes and its link with the planning of D-Day.

I do hope you enjoy reading the latest news from your Hall, and I look forward to meeting those of you who will be attending the dinner in July – let’s make it the best ever!

With best wishes,

Alastair Scott (BSc 1965, Churchill Hall, 1962-63)
Chair, Churchill Hall Association

CHA The Churchillian 2018 -2019

This includes an article about last year’s very successful Dinner. Having experimented with holding a joint event with Wills Hall Association in 2017, we decided last year to revert to the more intimate surroundings of The Holmes – I hardly dare to say that it felt like coming Home (but it did)! We were delighted that year to host a group from Clifton Hill House, and have broadened that focus in 2019 to include Manor Hall and Badock. A booking form for this year’s event, on Saturday 20 July, is included in the newsletter. Please make a very special effort to attend – it should be lots of fun!

CHA The Churchillian 2017-2018

The Churchillian 2016-2017 – This newsletter includes an article about our 60th anniversary dinner

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