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Bristol Alumni Network: Spring Showcase 2021

Friday 19 March – 7 pm

Join Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) Dr Mark Allinson and Head of Student Residential Life Ros Elliott to find out more about how the University of Bristol has been supporting our students in these exceptional times. The event will be introduced by Jonathan Phillips (BSc 1994), Chair of the Alumni Association and hosted by Savannah Coombe (BA 2020), Chair of the Badock Hall Association.


Celebrate the past 100 years of Geography at Bristol at an online evening reception. Members of staff from the past six decades will reflect on the people and spaces that have contributed to the success of the School of Geographical Sciences and invite guests to help shape the future. The School are looking forward to hearing from you: anything, from the mundane memories to requests for further information. What happened to the library? What goes on in the labs today? Where are the maps? Archival material will be released in parallel with the event, at which further opportunities for engagement will be announced.


Saturday 20 March – 11 am

Botanic Garden Virtual Tours

Lose yourself in the beautiful world of plants with a curator-led virtual tour of the botanic gardens (25 minutes) and a specific tour through the Mediterranean Climate region of South Africa (22 minutes). Explore vibrant displays and learn how plants have developed similar adaptations to long, hot, dry summers. Botanic Gardens curator Nick Wray will be available for a Q&A on both films.

Saturday 20 March – 1 pm to 2.30 pm

Network and SU Showcase

The Showcase event brings together university societies, alumni networks and international branches (in collaboration with the SU and Global Lounge). Find out more about what these different groups do, what their aims are for their members and maybe even find opportunities to get involved. All are welcome and the full list of groups presenting is below. When you book your tickets, you can chose who you would like to meet with or alternatively, you can make that selection on the day:

Session 1: * Matrix (Maths) * The Falstaff Society * Chaos Bristol Physics Society * Music Theatre Bristol (MTB) * Economics, Finance and Management Society

Session 2 * Student Action for Refugees * Lawyers Without Borders Bristol * One Health Bristol * Engineers Without Borders Bristol * University of Bristol Islamic Society (Brisoc)

Session 3 * Bristol Jets Cheerleading Squad * UoB Spartans Basketball Club * University of Bristol Canoe Club * University of Bristol Hockey Club * UBRFC Men’s Rugby Union

Session 4 * Badock Hall Association * Clifton Hill House Association * Cambridge Branch of the Alumni Association * Manor Hall Association * Wills Hall Association


Geography@100 with Students

Shaping the next century of Geography at Bristol with GeogSoc students

As we embark on the next 100 years of Geography at Bristol, we invite all those associated with our School to join us for an informal get-together. We are keen to: * connect * build community * consider careers * add to the archive * communicate. We present an opportunity to work with us on future projects and initiatives; the discussion starts here. Current GeogSoc students are looking forward to welcoming you to this online event. They will briefly illustrate current activity, drawing upon their experience of Geography in Bristol and beyond; there have been many changes, but much remains the same. Break-out rooms (by decade) will see the start of conversations facilitated by staff and students, who will make sure that engagement continues after the event.


Saturday 20 March – 3 pm

“Death and the Maiden”

A case of ritual cannibalism in Iron Age Gloucestershire? In 1998, local cavers investigating a sinkhole in Gloucestershire made the macabre discovery of a substantial quantity of human bones, along with many dog and other animal bones. These were found to date to the late Iron Age / early Roman period between circa 170 BC – 120 AD. Some of the human remains have been modified in a way that is deeply suggestive of cannibalism. The site was subsequently dug by Time Team in 2000. The material has been donated to the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society and is now housed in their museum. In this short film, Professor Mark Horton (Director Of Research at Royal Agricultural University and Emeritus Professor, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Bristol) discusses the case for possible ritual cannibalism at this fascinating and important site. Mark will be available for a Q&A following the film.

Saturday 20 March – 4 pm

Two Talks from the Theatre Collection

Talk 1: In Spring 2018, the Theatre Collection was awarded funding by The Wellcome Trust to catalogue, conserve and make accessible the Franko B archive. The access and engagement project, Challenging Archives, culminated in a public exhibition and symposium in 2020, together with the publication of a comprehensive online catalogue. This talk will give an overview of the aims, processes and outcomes of the project, as well as reflection on the curation of the exhibition “The Body is (not) Here”.

Talk 2: In 2015 the Theatre Collection purchased the Oliver Messel Personal Archive, with support from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, Friends of the National Library, Friends of the Theatre Collection and many others. In 2016 the Linbury Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded the Theatre Collection a major grant to catalogue, conserve and make this wonderful archive accessible to the public. This illustrated talk will give an overview of the archive and the culminating exhibition “Wake Up and Dream – Oliver Messel: Theatre, Art and Society.” A link on the day will enable visitors to experience the 360 degree filmed exhibition. Experts from the Theatre Collection with be available for a Q&A on this nationally important collection, which has been awarded the Arts Council’s immensely prestigious Designated status.

Saturday 20 March – 5 pm

Art in lockdown: Four outdoor artworks at the University of Bristol One area of art that has come into its own during the pandemic is public art. During our daily exercise, we can all engage with the artworks available in outside spaces across our cities. This talk, from Martha Crean, the Public Art Coordinator at the University of Bristol, reflects on the value of art in the public realm right now and introduces four artworks on the campus that can be enjoyed by people in Bristol. Martha will be joined by Jo Elsworth, Director of Cultural Collections at the University of Bristol for a Q&A about the university’s impressive and varied public art collection.

Saturday 20 March – 6 pm

Manor Makes a Difference: In Conversation with Manor Alumni The Manor Hall Association will be hosting a series of conversations with Manor Hall alumni. We will discover the wide-ranging talents and experiences they have, their roles in the current pandemic as well as sharing career insights. MHA committee members will host the series of conversations. There will be an introduction to the association, our role, our work and details about publications such as our newsletter. During the event there will be the opportunity for students and alumni to ask questions via chat and the committee will be able to answer during the event.

Saturday 20 March – 7 pm

Dr David Bednall (PhD Music 2015), Sub Organist at Bristol Cathedral presents a recorded recital performed in the Dame Monica Wills Chapel, Wills Hall. The Chapel was built in 1930, the gift of Dame Monica Wills (1861-1931), who was the widow of Henry Herbert Wills. It was designed by Sir George Oatley (the architect of Wills Hall) in his own distinctive version of the Romanesque style. It was given to the University ‘to the Glory of God, and in memory of the two brothers George Alfred and Henry Herbert Wills who jointly gave the hostel, in order to provide opportunities of regular worship and teaching necessary for the growth of the spiritual life of the students’. The organ in the Dame Monica Wills Chapel is the donation of the Wills Hall Association. It was dedicated in November 2008 with an inaugural recital by the University Organist, Dr Glyn Jenkins.

Saturday 20 March – 8 pm

Join the live streamed final of our University Challenge final. Teams will be announced after the heats and semi-finals in early March.


Other Pre Recorded / on demand Events

Photography Challenge

We want your pictures based on a the theme. Entries will be judged by our panel and can be entered in the following categories: 1. Bristol Style, 2. Alternative Bristol, or 3. Bristol Landscape.

Badock Bursary Winners

In 2020 the BHA launched the Badock Hall Bursaries to which any Badock Hall Student may apply. This bursary is meant for students to help them develop, either within their subject discipline or outside of it. There are no strict criteria as to what students may apply to the fund for, however as an example it might be participating or setting up a community project, or undertaking a summer placement of value to the student and others. ​Hear from our inaugural winners in this short presentation.

Cambridge Branch

At the Cambridge branch of Bristol alumni, we are lucky to live and work amongst some of the world’s most beautiful buildings. Often those who do so can take them for granted, but through our events at many of the colleges and with some excellent speakers we have been able to showcase some of the city’s greatest treasures.

Wills Hall Travel Awards

The Wills Hall Association advertises travel grants annually for current residents (and Senior Residents). These are funded by old members’ donations to a number of trusts that are managed by the University for the WHA. Hear from our recent award winners about their travels and their achievements.

Hong Kong Branch

Showcasing the Hong Kong Branch of the Alumni Association A short video will present a brief history and achievements of the Hong Kong Alumni Association over the year, focussing on the scholarship they offer; and some of their past scholars will talk about their study at Bristol and how this has influenced their career development.

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Summer 2020 issue of the Churchill Hall Association(CHA) Newsletter.

Churchill_Hall_Newsletter_Summer 2020

We have decided to bring forward the publication of the Newsletter because, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so much had to be cancelled- or, at least put on hold. The Alumni Weekend and Churchill Hall Dinner in July are among the activities affected by the need to take the stringent precautions against allowing the virus to spread, so we hope this publication will go a little way towards filling that gap.

Given that there will be no 2020 CHA Dinner, it is hugely important that the 2021 event is a big, big event. While it may be somewhat premature to ask you to start thinking about it…actually, why don’t you start thinking about it!? Maybe now’s the time to encourage your friends from university days to think in terms of joining you at a gathering in Bristol in summer 2021?

Please don’t just put this on one side ‘for later’. And please also action quickly the article in the Newsletter requesting that you sign on to the new University communication platform, Bristol Connects, and (very importantly) make a point of ticking the ‘Churchill Hall’ button. This is the way that we will be able to contact you most readily in future.

There is a delightful article in the Newsletter describing the lives and loves of Emily Koch, a large proportion of whose relatives filled Churchill rooms at one time or another. Emily is a novelist whose second book, Keep Him Close, was published earlier this year; read it!

We have very interesting summaries of the (truncated) year as seen from the perspectives of the President of the JCR, and of the Head of Residential Life, North Village (i.e. the Stoke Bishop halls of residence). Times of massive change and, in the context of this year’s celebration of 75th anniversary of VE Day, there’s a fascinating article describing the connections between Churchill Hall (and the University more generally) and the planning of the end phases of the war effort.

Lastly (but very importantly) you will also see our usual mention of the opportunity of helping the Committee to broaden the effectiveness of its engagement work. Please put a hand up to volunteer.

With best wishes,

Alastair Scott (BSc 1965, Churchill Hall, 1962-63)
Chair, Churchill Hall Association


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