Reunion 2019

New information will added as it becomes available.

The Churchill Hall Association is delighted to announce its annual reunion dinner as part of the Alumni weekend 2019.

You are warmly invited to our annual Reunion Weekend. As always, a number of events have been arranged, commencing with a Reception at the Botanic Gardens in The Holmes on the Friday evening and ending with lunch in Wills Hall on the Sunday.

The highlight of the Weekend is our Reunion Dinner on the Saturday evening which will take place in the main building of Churchill Hall. Our guest of honour will be Professor Robert Mayhew, who was the final Warden of the Hall. We are also pleased to welcome our friends from the Badock Hall, Clifton Hill House and Manor Hall Associations. The Dinner will be preceded by a Reception in the grounds of The Holmes, where we will also be joined by members of the Wills Hall Association.

This year there has been a change in the publicity and booking arrangements for the events of the Weekend. The Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) are producing a single publicity leaflet for the Weekend and also a single booking form for all events arranged by the various Halls Associations. Most members should receive a copy of this by post. In addition, an online version of the leaflet and booking form will be available on the Alumni section of the University website. There will also be a link on the website for online bookings. (This is being handled through Eventbrite and you should note that there are charges for booking via this service.) To allow members plenty of time to book, a booking form is provided as part of our Newsletter. The single booking form has meant that all bookings are initially being sent to a representative of one of the Hall Associations (Wills for this year – rather than to the individual association). However, details of bookings for our Dinner (and for accommodation in The Holmes) will be forwarded to us and we will acknowledge all bookings.

This years booking form for your accommodation > AW19_HALLS_Form-final

As you will see, accommodation is being provided in The Holmes (with breakfast at Wills Hall.) In accordance with our normal practice, priority will be given to those who are attending the Reunion Dinner and a room can only be booked for Friday evening if you are also booking for Saturday. Please note that the booking form is presented in a different way this year to cover this point.

Changes in the way the University operates have also meant other changes to the Reunion Weekend arrangements. Full details, including arrangements for meeting for the various events, will be available on our web-site in July.